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Kim Atkinson - This week's 'Footprint on the Ridge'

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This week's 'Footprint' on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge relates to the artist, Kim Atkinson.

CLICK HERE to be directed to this area of our Website where we are compiling a series of 'snapshots' related to the Ridge.

This new section of our Website reflects upon the legacy of beliefs and traditions which have contributed to the historic and cultural heritage in our landscape.

The Ridge has attracted artists, architects, writers, stonemasons, poets and more, all of whom have marvelled at the landscape.

Their shared experiences form a valuable reference point and contribute to the irreplaceable collective and diverse memory of the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

Thanks to our many volunteers and supporters who have submitted 'Footprints' and which we will roll out in the coming weeks.

hh maiden panorama
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