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Calling our Sandstone Ridge Farmers ...

We have a very exciting opportunity for our Sandstone Ridge Farmers to work with a local beekeeper to create a network of beehives on the Sandstone Ridge that will lead to a 'Sandstone Ridge Honey'!

That local beekeeper is Karl Colyer, a Cheshire bee farmer, who has been keeping bees since 2005, and who is a longstanding member of the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association.

Karl has set up a not-for-profit initiative called 'Bees In Our Community', which is aimed at increasing the number of beekeepers and honeybee colonies in the community CLICK HERE

We are working with Karl to create a locally branded 'Sandstone Ridge Honey', which can be sold through local businesses and markets.

In return for hosting some hives, the farm host will receive not only pollination services but some of the lovely honey direct from their own farm.

Karl makes his own hives using recycled material, and works with host farmers to ensure that the hives are located and managed to the benefit of both the host and the beekeeper.

Locations close to crops, hedgerows, meadows, woodlands and ponds are ideal for the bee colonies, and we are fortunate to have all of those habitats in abundance on the Sandstone Ridge.

If you are interested in hosting some beehives, please get in touch so that we can refer and arrange.

Karl will be attending one of our summer walks this summer, so there is also a chance to see one of his demonstration hives and find out more about what is involved (watch this space)

Contact Nicky to register your interest or mobile 07794 082860

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