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HIdden Gems

Copper Mine Cave 2

Every so often, Trustees put together some remarkable information relating to the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

This morning we include one such paper, which covers some of our 'hidden gems in plain sight'; well most of them anyway.

The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge is rich in non-designated heritage assets which contribute significantly to our understanding of the local heritage, character and distinctiveness of the Ridge.

For many years the Trust has maintained databases for several types of significant non-designated
heritage assets (which include sites) and which have been the focus of our project work.

Between 2014-17, for example, volunteers in 'The Ridge: Rocks and Springs' project, recorded over 700 records of sandstone quarries, rock graffiti, rock art, wells, springs and pump houses.

Our data has been used to inform records in the Cheshire Historic Environment Record (HER) and
in support of our published works and Website articles.

CLICK HERE to view our most recent paper which relates to non-designated heritage assets which play a significant role in the community identity of the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge, and feast on the photography; truly remarkable.

Please note: The Sandstone Ridge Trust cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury when exploring the Ridge.

Particular thanks to Trustees, Nick Holmes and Peter Winn.