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Heritage on The Ridge - Upton's Caves

cave Frod

Of all the caves on the Sandstone Ridge, Upton's Caves at Frodsham, the Northern Gateway of the Ridge, are associated with the most stories and legends although they are barely remembered today.

The name Upton is forgotten and the caves are generally known as the Frodsham or Overton Caves.

They receive frequent footfall from the public and, regrettably, graffiti, campfires and litter can be the result.

The 'Beneath the Ridge' project has been examining some of those stories and the history of these caves, and we hope that more recognition and information about them can help to preserve them for future enjoyment.

To read more about these caves please CLICK HERE.

Should you be thinking about entering Upton's Caves at Frodsham, please be advised that there has been a substantial rock fall from the cave ceiling during lockdown.