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Hands-on with History - A Feast of Curiosity


As the school summer holidays draw to their natural close, take in a final 'Hands-on with History' visit to Beeston Castle.

  • 11am — 5pm
  • Suitable for Children

Beeston Castle, tucked up on The Sandstone Ridge, is just one aspect of what contributes to making the area 'a magical landscape'.

The panoramic views are spectacular, the Roundhouse Project is inspiring and the 'Hands on with History' events are always engaging.

Enjoy a feast of curiosity, discovering what it was like to live, work and fight in the castle.

Whether it's learning to sword fight, shooting a bow and arrow, or transforming into a little lord or lady, there's plenty of hands-on fun to keep the children entertained.

And once the little adventurers have put their skills to the test, let imaginations run wild in Beeston's 40-acre woodland park.

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