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From the 22 March until 23 April, local community organisations and businesses on the Sandstone Ridge, are asked to get involved in collecting and safely disposing of litter as part of the 'GREAT BRITISH CLEAN UP'.

We are promoting that individuals join force and, in partnership, tackle litter pollution, including single-use plastic bags, all of which degrade the beauty of our environment whilst often threatening wildlife too.

If you wish us to advertise a community litter picking event on the Sandstone Ridge, then simply send us the following details and we will promote it on the website:

  • Name of your Community Organisation
  • Date and Time of Your Litter Picking Event
  • Details of where to meet and what to bring

So, there is an entire month to get involved and tackle litter on the Ridge.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For further details CLICK HERE.

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