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'Great Big Green Week'


This week is 'Great Big Green Week'.

Acting locally can help tackle climate change and protect nature. Whether it's thinking about what's on your plate, or reducing your energy consumption, there are many ways you can take collective or individual action.

Between 24 September and 2 October, 'Great Big Green Week' will unleash a wave of support for action to protect the planet.

Whatever actions we take to tackle the climate crisis all add up. What will you do?

Some of the most effective solutions to tackling climate change are found in nature. Trees and green spaces take in carbon and improve air quality, wetlands and riverbeds act as natural flood buffers, and peatlands and seagrass stocks are vital carbon stores. By conserving nature and restoring ecosystems, even in our homes and gardens, we are working to tackle the climate crisis.

Visit the Great Big Green Week Website for lots of ideas and events CLICK HERE.