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Get Active this Autumn - Waymarked Footpaths on the Ridge

Baker Way

Waymarking enables users to follow a path accurately and confidently at points where they might otherwise have difficulty.

Although the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge is nationally best known for the Sandstone Trail, there are several equally scenic waymarked footpaths crossing or passing the Ridge that will often take the walker to more remote areas, including hills, meres, river and canal banks, quiet country lanes and woods.

Views from, or to the Sandstone Ridge provide a consistent landscape element to these footpaths.

Waymarked paths are routes created by local authorities, Government agencies or volunteer organisations.

They mainly follow existing rights of way and are signposted typically by whichever organisation created the route. If the route is also an existing right of way it will be maintained by a local authority and, if it is a public footpath, marked by a yellow arrow.

There are 10 waymarked paths running through the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge area, many are over 20 miles in length. They are all described by using the link below and they are all marked by posts with discs specific to the particular route.

Take a look by CLICKING HERE