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'Gardeners' World' comes to the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge

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si poole mint collection cropped

One of our supporters who lives right here on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge was this week featured on the BBC's 'Gardeners' World' programme.

It could be argued that Simon Poole from Broxton is literally 'hooked on mint', to the point where his collection not only comprises 187 types of mint plant but which is also recognised as a National Plant Collection.

We were taken on a journey exploring Simon's 'Mint Hedge' which comprised Jessica's Sweet Pear Mint, Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mint, Japanese Mint, Apple Mint, Desert Mint, Corsican Mint and so many more .....

Simon, an academic at the University of Chester, also recognises the transformative effects of his collection in the form of well-being, improved mental health and of potential healing, sensory, calming and soporific qualities.

The National Plant Collection is a conservation scheme run by Plant Heritage, through which individuals or organisations can document, develop and preserve a comprehensive collection of one group of plants in trust for the future. Most of the collections are composed of a related group. Collection holders voluntarily subscribe to the scheme's ideals and stringent requirements and can be professional or amateur.

There are currently only three such collections of mint in the UK and Simon's is the second largest both here and in Europe.

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