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Frog Spawn Spotted


Frog Spawn has already been spotted in ponds on the Sandstone Ridge.

These sightings are at least 3 weeks earlier than last year (albeit that last year's sightings were delayed because of the 'Beast from the East' and the cold weather that descended on the area).

Look out for large clumps of eggs which will be clearly visible in ponds in the locality.

Whilst these clumps might seem excessive, it ensures that some frog spawn survives and that some of the tadpoles might actually become froglets.

It is estimated that only 1/50 of the eggs laid will actually make it to froglet stage.

Regrettably, the impact of some modern agricultural practices, the loss of ponds and the increases in amphibian disease mean that our native frog is no longer that 'common'.

Another sign that Spring is here!