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Flowers from the Farm - An Artisan Grower

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The hamlet of Harthill on The Sandstone Ridge is an absolute gem, boasting a gourmet chef, a renowned public artist and sculptor, a successful Art Hub, the innovative 'Successfactory', the upcoming mountain-boarding championships and, of course, 'Carol's Garden', a thriving business started some 6 years ago and specialising in British grown cut flowers.

Without doubt, Carol is an 'Artisan Grower', throwing over a relatively small area of cultivation and developing it into a successful business.

British grown cut flowers are quite different to those supplied by most traditional florists who rely on purchasing their flowers from the Dutch flower markets. Transporting flowers from Holland restricts the available varieties, but British cut flower growers do not face such challenges. Sold locally, British cut flowers can be softer, more ephemeral, and scented.

Carol's creative skills and imaginative sense of colour have allowed her to successfully develop her business. Her unusual and natural combinations of garden flowers, wild flowers and shrubs have captivated a more modern approach.

Currently, her business comprises:

  • Providing cut flowers for florists from South Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire and East Cheshire; they are either delivered or flowers are picked up straight from the nursery
  • Providing flowers for weddings — with all sorts of options. Carol will either provide bouquets or entire buckets full of cut flowers for those who wish to pursue rustic DIY weddings. She has decorated stately homes like Dorfold Hall, Norton Priory, and Combermere Abbey, as well as Abbeywood, Chester Town Hall and village halls and marquees.
  • Providing a host of different courses and workshops in celebration of the British cut flower. She is about to publish her list of new courses for the Autumn — watch this space.

And on top of all of this, Carol also:

  • Grows lots of different varieties of flowers in small numbers, both wild and garden flowers, which she can use in her work; buds, flowers and seed heads are all material for use.
  • Dries flowers for use throughout the winter and at Christmas.
  • Plants more shrubs and trees so she has an even wider selection of greenery and flowers at her disposal.

Her support has come from social media. She belongs to the 'Flowers From the Farm' group, who support each other through the 'drip feed approach' and through Instagram. This also includes artists, ceramicists and other creative individuals, who are working collaboratively. 'Flowers from the Farm' have had stands at the Chelsea and Tatton RHS flower shows, promoting British grown cut flowers. Carol has assisted with both.

To visit Carol's Website CLICK HERE