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The Sandstone Ridge Trust has joined 'Fit for the Future'.

'Fit for the Future' is an environmental sustainability network with over 100 charities, heritage organisations, cultural venues, public sector bodies and more in its membership.

They facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration across organisations and sectors so that we can achieve the rapid and far-reaching changes needed to decarbonise, adapt to climate change and drive positive environmental impacts.

Collaborative partnerships are a key in moving forward.

'Fit for the Future' connect environmental practitioners from within their member organisations so they can share best practice and practical solutions.

Their purpose is to ensure that members:

*Decarbonise and enhance: Members reduce negative environmental impacts that could exacerbate climate change, and increase positive ones

*Adapt: Members have the tools, knowledge and resources to successfully adapt to present and future impacts of climate change

*Develop resilience: Members are future-proofing their land, buildings and operations, and making their time, money and resources go further.

As we move forward with our AONB designation process, there is no better time than to fully commit to the above.

Take a look at their Website and the many upcoming 2022 events CLICK HERE.

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