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Featured in the Winter Edition ...

Sandstone Ridge   Walkers in Autumn 49

It is always pleasing to see The Sandstone Ridge receiving positive comment.

The winter edition of 'My Village News' is currently in circulation; delivered to some 8,400 homes and businesses, many of which are located on the Sandstone Ridge.

On p53 is an article written by David Hayns, a regular contributor.

His most recent writings, reminisce about the opening of the Sandstone Trail and the work of the late Jack Baker who had been the first Footpaths Officer for the then reorganised Cheshire County Council. Jack's legacy continues in the form of the Baker Way footpath (which runs from Chester to Delamere Forest) and a set of steps at the northern end of the Sandstone Trail (known as Baker's Dozen).

David also highlights the contribution of the Sandstone Ridge Trust ...

'Further interest in its historical, geological and natural history features, such as the Iron Age hillforts, caves, copper mines, the castles at Beeston and Peckforton, and the upland heath at Bickerton has been stimulated by the formation in 2011 of the charitable Sandstone Ridge Trust, which helps to promote research, conservation and public awareness for this wonderful range of hills we have running through our area'