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Take a Look - Eddisbury Hillfort - A Digital Fly-Through

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Of all the Hillforts on the Sandstone Ridge, it is the hillfort at Eddisbury that has the most extensive system of visible ramparts.

The Ridge is shaped by its past. That past amounts to over 6,000 years of human activity.

Evidence of the earliest human occupation is to be found on the ridgetop, where the topography has been exploited for centuries and which can be seen today in the remains of Iron Age Hillforts, Burial Mounds, Ring Ditches and Castles, as well as finds of earlier stone tools.

The fortifications along the ridgetop were linked by an ancient track which today has become the long-distance Sandstone Trail.

To imagine what the Sandstone Ridge might have looked like during the Iron Age, watch this captivating digital fly-through CLICK HERE.

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