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Earth Day 2023 - Invest in Your Planet


Today is 'Earth Day'.

The emphasis of this year's theme is to 'Invest in our Planet'.

If you are out an about on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge or simply at home, then take a moment and consider the following:

*Leave the car at home and enjoy this magical landscape
*Carry a waste bag and remove any plastic rubbish that you might see whilst walking
*Appreciate and plant wildflowers to help our pollinators
*Plant a tree; the planting of just 1 tree contributes in supporting climate change and increasing biodiversity
*Look for ways in which you can 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'
*Conserve energy
*Conserve water
*Reduce paper waste and junk mail

Take a look at our Cheshire Sandstone Ridge infographic to understand what a magical landscape this is and why it needs us to take care of its long term future CLICK HERE.