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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! Happy St David's Day to you all!

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Happy St David's Day!

There is a strong Welsh connection at Beeston on the Sandstone Ridge.

Ranulf De Blondeville – 6th Earl of Chester – who built Beeston Castle in 1225 didn't have any children so his heir was John le Scot.

Ranulf and Prince Llewellyn (The Great) had a good working relationship and John le Scot married Prince Llewellyn's daughter, Helen (Ellen) to make a marriage alliance with Wales.

Unfortunately John le Scot died shortly after Ranulf at his royal hunting lodge close-by in Darnhall, so Ranulf's vision was lost and his lands and assets were taken by The Crown and became the property of King Henry III.

Beeston was not built to protect Ranulf's Cheshire lands from Welsh invaders as is commonly thought but was built as a show of strength to his fellow Barons and King Henry III.

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