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Continuing Traffic Chaos - Update

Goldford 4

We regret to inform our readers that the situation regarding the traffic chaos on the approach to Bickerton Hill and to the Sandstone Trail has escalated in the last 24 hours.

Just yesterday, there was an escalation of both congestion and of menacing behaviour.

By 9.30am, Pool Lane National Trust Car Park was already full.

By 11am, traffic on Goldford Lane was at a standstill in both directions and drivers were out of their cars threatening each other.

Moreover, the few traffic cones which had been strategically placed to stop people running over the water hydrant were thrown into the hedge.

There was also a potentially dangerous situation developing on Brunty Bank, with cars parked nose-to-tail from the A534 to and including the junction with Long Lane.

Cars were stationary in Long Lane waiting to enter Goldford Lane, whilst drivers were unable to exit Goldford Lane safely because of parked cars. Other drivers were coming at speed from the direction of Bickerton School, around a blind bend and a further complication were the number of walkers crossing the junction on foot in both directions.

Next Sunday (under Tier 2 regulations), Church services recommence at Bickerton Church. A large funeral also takes place this week. Long-established parishioners and vulnerable residents will have no-where to park.

We want everyone to enjoy the Sandstone Ridge which is a truly 'magical landscape'.

However, local stakeholders, residents, Cheshire East Highways, the local police and the National Trust may well have to introduce some sort of policing to get this situation under control and before there is a very serious accident in this locality.

(image provided by local resident)