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Enjoy a firm favourite on The Sandstone Ridge during this weekend's 'Civil War Experience -- Armed and Ready'.

Whether you're a Roundhead or a Cavalier, there's plenty to see and do at Beeston Castle over the August Bank Holiday Weekend (Sunday 27th – Monday 28th August 2017), as Civil War soldiers 'The Wardour Garrison' set up camp within the castle's 40 acre woodland park, transforming it into an atmospheric Civil War stronghold.

Take in the sights and sounds of the 17th century, and visit the soldiers as they prepare for battle in the castle grounds, discovering about their daily routines, clothing and tales from the front line. Don't miss the live action weapon demonstrations, as the Garrison load and fire muskets and show off their skills to the crowd.

For those with an interest in culinary history the tavern tent awaits with authentic recipes and games of the period. Meet the expert apothecary and learn about nature's remarkable remedies. Plus, if you're feeling adventurous, prepare to attack the castle yourself by moving through the treacherous siege maze.

"Beeston certainly saw its fair share of action during the Civil War, and that's why we've invited the Wardour Garrison to the castle to mark the August Bank Holiday weekend", said Assistant Events Manager Charlie Evans. "Join us for two days of historical re-enactment. With live gunfire, a treacherous siege maze and interactive sword skills all on offer there's plenty to see and do for all the family."

During the Civil War, Beeston's location in the centre of Cheshire made it valuable to both Royalists and Parliamentarians. In 1643, a Parliamentary garrison at the castle surrendered after Royalist Captain Thomas Sandford and eight men entered the castle and took control of the inner ward. However, in 1645 the Parliamentarian forces had their revenge, regaining control of the castle after a year-long siege.

This event is open daily (Sunday and Monday) between 11am-5pm – (some key timings below)...

  • 2.30pm Weapon Demonstrations -- Watch as the Garrison are put through their paces and learn more about the prime weapons of mid-17th Century warfare including the musket, bill and pike.
  • 3.00pm Sword School -- Learn the essential skills needed for sword fighting in our 'have-a-go' session (for age 7 and over).
  • 3.30pm Herb and Plant Walk through History -- Join The Wardour Garrison's expert apothecary as he takes you on a walk through history to see how our ancestors made use of common British herbs and plants.
  • 4.00pm Target Practice -- Our musketeers go head-to-head in a contest of skill and accuracy!

Book online – CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you 'Armed and Ready'!

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