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'Chicken of the Woods' on The Ridge


Whilst walking on The Ridge this week, one of our readers stumbled on this wonderfully colourful specimen.

It is Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken of the Woods).

Laetiporus sulphureus, with its strident orange or sulphur-yellow colouring, is hard to miss.

Known as 'Chicken of the Woods' or the 'Sulphur Polypore', this bracket fungus is seen most often on beech, oak, chestnut and less frequently on cherry and other hardwoods.

We do not recommend that you eat this — such wonderful specimens are always best left in-situ so others might also admire their beauty.

As an update — we asked 'Fungal Punk Dave' to assist in identification.

Whilst some of the Sandstone Ridge Trust members and volunteers have joined Dave on his renowned walks, I am not sure that any of us feels sufficiently confident to identify this fungus (or any others come to that).

If you missed our stories with the all-knowing and highly enthusiastic 'Fungal Punk Dave' — then click the links below — perhaps in the future, we can again enjoy his guided walks — they are a real treat!

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