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Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team

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Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team have had a very busy weekend.

They undertake a quite remarkable job in seeking to keep the countryside safe and in encouraging everyone to share the countryside responsibly.

Just a reminder to everyone whilst the schools are on holiday and the weather continues to be sensational.

  • 'Know the Code Before You Go' — whilst the countryside, and particularly the Sandstone Ridge, is a remarkable landscape, it requires everyone to 'respect, protect and enjoy' — know your Countryside Code.
  • Do not feed any animals that you might see — please do not feed horses 'titbits'
  • Keep dogs on leads — lambs and livestock are currently grazing
  • BBQs are not permitted on the Sandstone Ridge due to the risk of fire — please act responsibly
  • Leave the countryside as you found it — take litter home and avoid trampling on farmland