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Change of Hours from 30 Nov - Burwardsley PO & The Poffee


We have regularly featured the' Aladdin's Cave' that is the Sandstone Ridge Business at the Burwardsley Post Office and The Poffee.

After meeting everyone's needs during both national lockdowns, undertaking lots of deliveries, being on the volunteer lists, providing a haven for barista coffee and delicious cakes and eats during the current restrictions, Sheryl is in need of of a well-deserved day off every week!

Well done to her we say!

With this in mind, Sheryl has decided that from next Monday, 30 November, both the Burwardsley Post Office and The Poffee will close all day on Mondays.

There have also been changes to the hours operated by her wholesaler, which means that she will also close at 3pm on Thursdays.

From 30 November the opening hours of the Burwardsley Post Office will be

  • Monday — Closed
  • Tuesday — 8am — 5pm
  • Wednesday — 8am — 5pm
  • Thursday — 8am — 3pm
  • Friday — 8am — 5pm
  • Saturday — 8am — 5pm
  • Sunday — 9am — 12 noon

From 30 November the opening hours of The Poffee Coffee Shop (where you can enjoy very good coffee and mouth watering cakes and eats) will be

  • Monday — Closed
  • Tuesday — 9.30am — 4.30pm
  • Wednesday — 9.30am — 4.30pm
  • Thursday — 9.30am — 3pm
  • Friday — 9.30am — 4.30pm
  • Saturday — 9.30am — 4.30pm
  • Sunday — 9.30am — 4.30pm

Sherly wishes to thank everyone for their amazing support during these prolonged and difficult times.

Don't forget to take a look at her Website CLICK HERE and which will updated with the new opening hours from Monday 30 November.