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CarFest North 27-29 July - Bolesworth Estate


CarFest North is back at Bolesworth Estate from 27-29 July, albeit that we can all anticipate some minor disruptions with early bird arrivals and with departures after the event.

Traffic signage is already in place along the A41 and elsewhere in the locality.

That said, we wish Bolesworth continued success with this fantastic venture and to all the local businesses and services along The Ridge who are supporting CarFest North.

The event organisers have issued the following information regarding traffic flow for near neighbours and for those working in the immediate vicinity. Thank you to everyone for their co-operation and support.

Advice falls into the following categories

  • General Traffic Information
  • Temporary Restrictions
  • Temporary Traffic Lights
  • Anticipated Peak Traffic Flow Periods

Please CLICK HERE to be directed to the Bolesworth traffic announcements.