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Can You Help?

Copy spitfire

We have been contacted by a relative of a young pilot who died on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge on 13 September 1940, whilst flying a Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 (Aircraft Registration X4159).

Records confirm that the crash site was Broxton.

Sgt Dermot David Samuel Edgar (Service Number 741642) was just 20 years old and was under training with the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

He had taken off from RAF Hawarden which was an important training ground for Spitfire pilots at 14.55 hrs.

He was accompanied by another Spitfire.

Both aircraft began a dive from 11,000ft.

Sgt Edgar failed to respond, disappearing into the clouds at 10,000ft. Structural failure occurred at low altitude below cloud, and the aircraft dived into the ground.

It is suspected that oxygen failure occurred.

Sgt Edgar was buried in his home area in Bushey; the family having requested a Portland Headstone in his memory.

If anyone has any information regarding the site of this crash or any additional information, then could they drop me a line at (attention Terri Hull, Trustee)

We include an image of Sgt Dermot David Samuel Edgar to the right.

Our image of the Spitfire is of the type flown by Sgt Edgar.

Many thanks everyone.