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Busy Beavers - 'Ecosystem Engineers'


You might remember that in late 2020, Cheshire Wildlife Trust, a partner of the Sandstone Ridge Trust, released a pair of Eurasian beavers into the Hatchmere Nature Reserve on the edge of Delamere Forest; mammals which had been absent in Cheshire for 400 years!

Last week, a walk around the Hatchmere beaver enclosure with Cheshire Wildlife Trust and the Weaver Gowy Catchment Partnership, revealed just how busy the beavers have been!

Beavers are often referred to as 'ecosystem engineers'.

They make changes to their habitats, such as digging canal systems, damming water courses, and coppicing tree and shrub species, which create diverse wetlands.

In turn these wetlands can bring enormous benefits to other species, such as otters, water shrews, water voles, birds, invertebrates (especially dragonflies) and breeding fish.

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