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Bunbury Mill Update - Message from the Mill

Bunbury mill machinery

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bunbury Mill has remained closed to the public, and is unlikely to reopen during the 2020 season.

A message from everyone at the Mill ' ... We really miss being able to welcome our Sunday visitors to the Mill, and we greatly regret being unable to provide exciting educational days out for our school parties. Perhaps next year will be better?

In the meantime our heritage needs to be maintained, and our volunteers are still working to keep everything in good order, while socially distancing of course!

One of the recent storms brought down a huge branch from the big willow tree at the side of the mill pond. We were pleased to be able to send it to Chester Zoo as food for the giraffes and rhinos!

Away from the Mill, we've been busy continuing our historical researches. We've been excited to find cuttings from the 1990s recording interviews with former millers. It's a huge task, but we're aiming to create a complete archive of all the available history of our very special heritage.

We look forward to the time when we can welcome you to the Mill again. Keep an eye on our Website for updates on the situation ...'.