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Bring Back the Beavers to Cheshire - Your Support Needed

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Exciting News! Cheshire Wildlife Trust, one of our Sandstone Ridge Partners, has just announced that they are planning to release a pair of beavers at Hatchmere Brook this autumn.

After 400 years of local extinction, beavers will be returning to Cheshire!

If Hatchmere Nature Reserve can be made ready to receive the beavers by October, there's every chance it could be home to the first beaver kits (baby beavers) next year!

But first, the site needs to be prepared with a beaver-proof fence which requires £30,000 of funding. The fence and access gates must be installed before the beavers arrive, so the work must be completed as soon as possible.

Work on the site must begin before the land becomes too wet to access, so the money must be raised by 18 September — that is just 1 month away.

If Cheshire Wildlife Trust has the funds ready in time, the contractors will get the green light, and they will be well on the way to getting the beavers on site this year.

If you can help today, beavers could very well return to Cheshire this autumn!

To be directed to the crowdfunding page CLICK HERE

Thank you for your support,
Kev Feeney
Hatchmere Living Landscapes Officer