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Big Garden Birdwatch 2024


The full results for the 2024 Big Garden Birdwatch are due to be published mid-month.

Early indications suggest the top spot for the most common bird in the UK goes to the common sparrow, followed by blue tits, wood pigeons, and starlings.

Almost all bird populations tracked by the RSPB have been in decline since the Birdwatch records began in 1979.

The RSPB website shares some top tips on encouraging birds, focusing on habitats, food and water.

Keeping feeding stations clean is also a priority to prevent the spread of disease.

Birds need nesting spaces, and during the warmer months most of them feed heavily on insects, so the more bugs in your garden, the better (by the way, almost nothing attracts insects to your garden as well as a pond does). Hedges and wildflowers which make your garden thrive are equally important.

The best hedges for birds contain a mix of species containing a good proportion of thorny plants to keep out predators. A mixed hedge will provide the longest season of flowers and fruit, and support more insects than a single-species hedge.

We'll publish the full results directly we have them.