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Peckforton, a tiny settlement tucked up on the Sandstone Ridge, is having its fair share of publicity this week.

Not content, with holding a multiplicity of events in relation to the upcoming Armistice Centenary, we have just heard that, at the Best Kept Village (BKV) Awards Evening held in Frodsham last night, Cheshire Community Association awarded Peckforton the 'Best Kept Village Award' in the small village category.

The aims of the Best Kept Village Competition are:

  • To develop and highlight a sense of pride amongst local people throughout Cheshire.
  • To illustrate the community spirit in villages throughout the County.
  • To demonstrate and emphasise just how much voluntary work is undertaken to keep Cheshire a beautiful and attractive County.
  • To encourage villages to improve every aspect of village life which is under threat in so many different ways.

Andrew Hull, Chair of the Sandstone Ridge Trust, was invited to give the guest lecture, at which he drew attention to the distinctiveness of the Sandstone Ridge.

No doubt the award winning plaque will be displayed in pride of place very shortly.

Our CONGRATULATIONS to Peckforton.

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