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Beaver Update from Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Hatchmere

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In November 2020 we reported that a pair of Beavers were back in Cheshire, following their release into Hatchmere Nature Reserve on the edge of Delamare Forest CLICK HERE.

The Beavers settled into their new home, started to feed further away from the release pond and several trails appeared on their regular routes.

Kevin Feeney, Hatchmere Living Landscapes Manager, now provides the latest update:

  • The beavers have settled in very successfully
  • In a competition, they were named 'Willow' and 'Rowan' — recognising the most common trees in their reserve
  • They have already built a lodge on site but currently it is half built and will need to be bigger for the winter
  • They have also built initial dams to curb water flow and raise the water level in the lodge
  • There are webcams in place to record progress and any other visitors (e.g. an unexpected pole-cat)
  • They are vegetarian and don't eat fish. They have been filmed stripping and eating tree bark.
  • There are no 'kits' (young beavers) so far since the mating season is December/January with kits born in July. With the lodge prepared, hopefully next year might be promising
  • The webcam showed lots of grooming activity; a good sign of pair bonding
  • It has been interesting to see them manipulate wood with their three fingered 'hands'
  • They will stay in their protective enclosure until well established. Wild release is possible in the future but not now.

For a virtual tour of Hatchmere Nature Reserve to see how the beavers settled and the positive impact that they were having on other species CLICK HERE — just skip the ads.

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