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AONB Update - Consultants Appointed

Raw Head

The designation process continues for proposed Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status.

A further milestone was reached this week.

An Inception Meeting took place on Wednesday 14 June when representatives from Natural England, the Sandstone Ridge Trust, the Local Authorities and the newly appointed Consultants were in attendance.

The appointment of Consultants is a requirement of the designation process. They will review evidence in support of the proposed status of AONB for the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

'Gillespies', landscape planning consultants, have been awarded the contract, together with 'Camargue', an award-winning communications agency.

In the coming weeks, a multiplicity of evidence will be gathered and reviewed to determine whether the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge meets the rigorous criteria for designation as a nationally protected area and merit the title 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'.

One of the first tasks of the Consultants will be to determine the 'Area of Search' and to define exactly where a boundary line will be drawn.

Exciting times — we will keep you updated.