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The Accomplished, Kim Atkinson

Sandstone Ridge Cheshire

The Sandstone Ridge Trust is privileged to own a series of paintings by the accomplished artist, Kim Atkinson.

Kim works as a painter and print-maker, independently and in numerous collaborative projects. She has a particular interest in nature and habitat, the visible landscape as well as the audible, and in examining these with drawn, painted and printed images.

Kim is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

Commissioned to illustrate the Sandstone Ridge, Kim's work has been widely used in many of our publications and on our interpretation panels, thereby promoting our 'magical landscape'.

Following a BA in Fine Art at Cheltenham School of Art, Kim studied for an MA in Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London.

Her subjects, mainly birds, insects and plants within the landscape context, are assimilated by way of observational drawings and notes made outside, in and near her garden, or on cliffs and coves near to her home.