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2 Acts of Random Kindness

caves cropped

Frodsham Caves have been cleared of extraordinary amounts of litter by two members of the public in a recent act of random kindness and for that we thank them.

Huge amounts of litter were to be found both within and without the cave areas.

Over a period of 5 hours, 10 full bags were filled with debris (plastic and glass bottles, cans, cardboard, even a grill) and then, thanks to a passing refuse collection truck who spotted our litter pickers, the debris was immediately disposed of in the truck — yet another act of random kindness!

We would stress that the caves are on private land and the landowner kindly allowed public access via a footpath. Every effort was taken not to disturb any aspect of the caves and/or surrounding land.


The Sandstone Ridge Trust cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury when exploring the Ridge.

In relation to the caves on The Ridge which have fostered lots of interest and curiosity, the low ceilings can consist of thin layers and are susceptible to cracking and falling, which can result, in particular, from the lighting of fires.

Under no circumstances should anyone light a fire in a cave and no-one should enter a cave without due caution or without making sure that someone knows where you are.

We urge all of you to stay safe and to promote responsible behaviour in our magical landscape.