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William Jones Varley - 1904-1976

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part of the varley archive in original boxes eddisbury

This week's footprint relates to William (Bill) Jones Varley.

Born in West Yorkshire in 1904, Varley was a geographer and archaeologist and was particularly known for a decade of excavations of English Iron Age hillforts on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge; most notably Maiden Castle and Eddisbury hillfort which occupied much of his time in the 1930s.

We are sure that his story will resonate with all our Habitats and Hillforts veterans!

Regrettably we have no image of Professor William Jones Varley – our image shows part of the Varley Collection in relation to the Eddisbury Hillfort excavations.

From left: part of the Varley Archive, in original boxes; Varley's recording cards for Eddisbury; faunal remains packed in a tobacco tin. All images © Richard Mason and Rachel Pope.

CLICK HERE to read the University of Liverpool summary relating to Eddisbury Hillfort.

CLICK HERE to read full story of William Jones Varley supplied by Catharine Harris.

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