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A more unusual 'Footprint on the Ridge' BUT equally fascinating.

At 6:22 am on 24 December 1944, Kelsall acquired the dubious distinction of becoming the westernmost V1 flying bomb impact site in England.

The Luftwaffe's veteran Kampfgeschwader (KG) 53 'Legion Condor' had left its distinct wartime mark on the parish, despite their intended target lying some 30 miles to the north east.

During SRT's field research for the 'Ridge: Rocks and Springs' project we recorded some graffiti in the shape of aircraft carved near the Kelsborrow seats above Willington.

Whilst one has a cockpit and bears a passing resemblance to a Hawker Hurricane, the other has a sharp nose and no cockpit, with an enigmatic line in roughly the same position as a V1's pulse jet motor.

Could this be somebody's informal record of the events of Christmas Eve 1944?

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Our thanks to Dave Trevor for this remarkable article.

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