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Kim Atkinson


Kim Atkinson was born in Bath in 1962. Her early childhood was spent living on Bardsey Island where her parents farmed in the mid-sixties. It was this location that instilled in Kim, a fascination with nature.

Following a BA in Fine Art at Cheltenham School of Art, Kim studied for an MA in Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London. Kim is now recognised as an accomplished wildlife artist, and the Sandstone Ridge Trust is privileged to own a series of her watercolours.

Her subjects, mainly birds, insects and plants, are assimilated from observational drawings and notes made within the landscape context.

In 2010, Kim was commissioned by the 'Habitats and Hillforts Landscape Partnership Scheme' to illustrate the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge. These watercolours provide the unique 'sense of place' of the Sandstone Ridge and showcase its varied and special qualities.

The distinctiveness of Kim's interpretation of the Sandstone Ridge has been very well received by collectors and individuals alike.

Her watercolours were widely used in publications produced by the Heritage Lottery funded 'Habitats and Hillforts' project and they continue to be used by the Sandstone Ridge Trust today in its branding strategy and in highlighting the uniqueness of this wonderful landscape.

You can view our collection by CLICKING HERE and scrolling to the base of the Gallery