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Our Farmer Network


The Sandstone Ridge is a farmed landscape interspersed with woodland, heathland and species-rich meadows; particularly rich in history, wildlife and visitor interest.

Over 40 farmers on the Sandstone Ridge have joined forces to support local activities which will improve the landscape features, habitats, watercourses and historic features of The Ridge, whilst improving opportunities for priority species such as Barn Owl and Willow Tit.

ELM Associates and The Sandstone Ridge Trust are working with farmers and land managers to establish a Sandstone Ridge Farmer Network, supported through Natural England's facilitation funding initiative.

There are 98 farmer clusters funded through Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Funding; 450,000 ha of land in England.

For more information please contact: Nicola Hall, nicola@elmassociates.co.uk or 07794 082860