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Are you a business within or adjacent to the Sandstone Ridge?

Do you make use of the natural resources, facilities or environment of the Sandstone Ridge in your business? That could be farming, timber, minerals, water, other raw materials or benefiting from the scenery and location of the Ridge.

Do you provide services, attractions or goods that people and visitors to the Sandstone Ridge can buy and enjoy?

Would you like to help us maintain and enhance the Sandstone Ridge to be an attractive and healthy environment for people to live and work in today and for tomorrow?

There are many ways in which your business can get involved in looking after this special place, for example, by providing services, technology or staff time, as well as financial support for environmental projects. 

Putting something back into the local community can promote your business, help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals, and be a rewarding experience for you and your staff.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities please email Andrew Hull, Chair of the Trustees of the Sandstone Ridge Trust at andrewsrtchairman@gmail.com